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DJ Services

Controller and HP
Wedding Dance

Weddings are very special, not only to the Bride and Groom, but for the guests. While we have developed carefully curated playlists for weddings, your music is our top priority. MC Services are also available, to help guide your guests through your itinerary. Although we offer many services, weddings are a strong focus of ours. That's why this is the first service on our list.


A good DJ can make a party or event unforgettable. The art of reading the room paired with beatmixing skills and great transitions can get your guests on the dancefloor having a great time. A great DJ is well versed in a wide variety of music and is ALWAYS building and curating playlists. 

A Good DJ


We offer a variety of DJ packages and add-on. Not every event is going to need a full 3000 watts! Check out our DJ Packages page to see what options are available for you. 

DJ Services



A microphone is a microphone right? False. Well, true actually. However, there is a very wide degree of variables in the mic's ability to clearly capture your voice. While you may not be singing your heart out during your presentation, capturing the subtle inflections of your voice and the passion of your speech can go a long way with your audience. That's why we only stock the industry standard for vocal mics.

Vocal Clarity

What is a presentation if you cant hear the presenter? In a presentation, it's essential to communicate your point in as eloquent and clear a manner as possible. While we can't improve your vernacular, our systems can ensure you are heard loud and clear so that you aren't stuck playing a game of charades with the backrow. 



We offer a variety of packages and add-ons, PA systems for small gatherings and small stadiums alike. Check out Presentations page to see what options are available for you. 


Live Audio


There is something special about each and every gig. Every one is unique in it's location, performance, crowd and even it's energy. Every once in a while you'll get that gig that takes you to cloud 9. Not only can we provide your amplification and monitoring solutions, but we can record those live gigs with state of the art equipment. Whether you want it for your demo, or just to relive that moment it's yours to keep.

Live Recording

When it comes to live audio, there is no substitute for a good technician. A good technician can make the difference between a decent show and an amazing show. The tech needs to set up, sound check, gain stage, and (of course) mix well. Doing it all quickly and efficiently is key, and will ultimately make the band happy. 

A Good Technician

Contact Us 

Because every gig and band is unique in their respective requirements, visit our Contact Us page and fill out the brief form to let us know what you need.

Live Audio


Music Equipment


Once you got a great mix for your project, it's time to take it the next level. Mastering will be that bit of professionalism you just can't seem to get no matter how well you mix it. It's also essential in multitrack volume unity for a mixtape or an album. If you are ready for that final coat of polish to your tracks contact us for a consultation. 

Sound Waves

A Good Mix Engineer

If your songs sound ok not great despite the time you have put into thoughtful and intentional composition, you could very well need a mix engineer. A good mix will be what determines your songs focal points and overall cohesion. Often times a second set of ears can spot the imperfections yours might have missed. Contact us for a consultation for your songs.



What We Do

Need a song, we'll make a song. From radio jingles to single melodies to phat trap beats for laying down some bars. We are passionate about music, it's as much who we are as it what we do. We're always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate and create. Contact us for a consultation for your music. 



As much as we love working with audio and serving our clients, to be frank it's not the primary goal in starting this business. The goal was to surround ourselves with as much music from as many sources as we could while providing us a means to write and produce music of our own. By using our services you becoming a part of something and directly contribute to local artists in their musical adventure!

Coming Soon

There will be more for us to offer in due time. We're just getting started! Keep checking back in with us to see what's new.


Thank you for your business, we hope to to hear from you soon!

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